Sean Graff - Photographer

I'm a commercial photographer specializing in compelling images of people. Whether I'm capturing a CEO standing at the helm of her company or a three-year-old clinging to his father's shoulders, my only goal is to get the story across.

The tools I use are tailored to the job. My digital capabilities are expanding every year, and so is my collection of offbeat devices. I've got elk calls, plastic toy cameras, masks and a multi-colored feather duster -- and I'm not afraid to use them if it means getting a great picture.

I work out of Salt Lake City, but relish the fresh sights and situations that travel brings. I've set up shop across the U.S., from Pennsylvania and North Carolina to Missouri and California. Maybe it was growing up in Montana, but travel always increases my appreciation for where I'm from and where I go.

Unique situations make memorable photographs. Sometimes, they're presented to me: I feel fortunate to have encountered leaping klezmer bands, fresh (and unfresh) roadkill, naked people, screaming babies, wounds and surgeries, bat mitzvahs, vicious Chihuahuas, sobbing brides, and a Croatian piano savant -- all in the enjoyable line of duty.

Let's work together. Contact my studio for scheduling and prices for any of your photographic needs.

Please respect the copyrighted nature of these (or any) photographs. If you see any you would like to license to use on your website or for other promotional materials, simply contact me.

All Images © 2012 Sean Graff